When you buy a used car, it can be very difficult to find one which exactly suits your needs or desires. Maybe the color is slightly off, the interior could be updated or you want sportier seats? Maybe the car has halogen lights but you want xenon ones instead? We know the technical aspects are the key factors in buyer’s decision, however all these little options and customizations still have an impact on our overall decision to make a purchase.
With our services, you don’t have to limit yourselves, your options or waste time and money looking for the “ideal” car. We ensure that customizations and updates surpass customers’ expectations. If you found the perfect car but it just needs xenon headlights or satellite navigation or you want to customize for lifting, NO PROBLEM !!! We have the perfect retrofitting team and can tailor your car just like a dealer would, using new or used parts !!!

And other options or additional modifications limited only by our customers’ imaginations!

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