At first, it was just a hobby – which soon turned into a passion!

We are a group of people whose passion for the BMW brand turned into a real passion and desire to help other BMW life brand enthusiasts take care of their cars while maintaining the same highest standards of service we would expect ourselves.

We have been serving the BMW enthusiasts since 2010, originally under the name “Dovento,” which adopted the name “Code My Bimmer” in 2013 as a result of a strong demand from international clients and a simultaneous emphasis on a growing international market.

We have offices, facilities and partners in multiple provinces and our network is always growing so even if we currently don’t have a facility in your city, don’t despair.

We are currently conducting negotiations with large players in Canadian, U.S. and British car markets so that even more people can modify their car to suit their needs and/or buy or sell a car stress-free.

Do you have questions? call:

790 465 462 or 531 020 420