Often wanting to buy a car we are doubtful whether the vehicle we want to spend a lot of money will prove to be a successful purchase or a bottomless piggy bank?

We do not know if a “familiar mechanic” tells us “You can take this car” honestly or maybe he knows he will make a lot of money when something unexpected happens.

We are not sure if the seller (even a private one) is honest and trustworthy, telling us that his 15 year old car serving as a service car has a mileage of less than 200,000 km, which is the only one in our country.

Is the car not accidentally concealed “Englishman” or typical American “Aquarius” after a fast-paced flood to sell with bulky electric wires and modules with bad VIN numbers?

Does the equipment match what the car came out of the factory? Or maybe this beautiful panoramic sunroof that so much tempting us should not be there?

For these and other problems, we have access to the ASO service database (full or truncated), which allows us to check not only the equipment / color of the car that came out of the factory but also the last read out in the service history of the key / service history if the car was serviced abroad. We have a high-quality lacquer thickness sensor and a skilled painter, whose eye is difficult to deceive.

We provide a computer with a diagnostic path on the original equipment and software signed by BMW AG and we have many years of experience in the use, operation and repair of BMW cars.

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