BMWs for us vehicles are like a person with a soul who we respect and love, but just like with a person, we can’t forget that you have to look inside from time to time to make sure that everything is in order.

A periodic inspection (once a year) is usually enough, either at one of our locations or at your own home (we offer mobile services) to ensure your car is safe, performing at it optimal level and ultimately enjoyed by its owner.

There are of course instances when complications arise which require more detailed reviews. The newer generations of BMWs are in fact driving computers on wheels which at times require your car to be diagnosed in a garage that has specialized equipment and computer software to find out exactly what went wrong.

The “good old days” of cars we could entirely repair ourselves are gone, unfortunately but also fortunately in some instances, particularly when it comes to safety. To identify a problem today we diagnose the car and its computer via a filtration system of error checks in individual modules. We check that if errors occur, how often and under what conditions of the engine load, then clear the errors to check whether there are temporary or fixed errors. This can also identify what needs to be repaired. At times a test drive may also be required to see if the errors reappear. Only after such detailed and thorough diagnosis, can we pinpoint the exact problem which will allow the mechanic to repair bring your beloved model back to a full recovery.

We use the most modern, original, high-quality diagnostic programs from the current database and interfaces such as BMW ICOM A2 and Autologic.

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